Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's been a long time.

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My Family right before the premier of The Aftermath
I know I've been gone for a long time but I've had a pretty good reason.  At the end of February, my husband and I moved in with an older cousin, (our kids are renting our house while we are here).  She is battling cancer.  She fell in February and broke a couple of ribs and was having a really rough time.  We're the closest family she has.  The doctor did not want to let her out of the hospital unless she went into assisted living or had someone stay with her.  We offered to move in and help her out.  We knew that if we didn't she would go down fast.  She has wonderful neighbors that check on her constantly and 2 dogs that she couldn't bare to give up.  So, anyway, we have been here ever since.

She did get better for a little bit but started chemo again last week.  She seems to be doing ok but gets a little weaker and off balanced a little more each day.  The prognosis is not very good.  We're getting to where it is going to be a question of quality of life issue.  However, she is not giving up anytime soon.  She is a fighter.  You know she must be since you has been battling for 8 years.  She has been stage 4 for 5 of those years.  It is amazing.

My hubby filming Swamp Murders
On another note, my husband has been doing great with his acting career.  He filmed a national commercial for Toyota 4-Runner.  He is one of the fishermen in the snake bite commercial.  Also, he filmed an episode of Swamp Murders for ID channel.  He plays the coroner.  I think, it will air at the end of July.  

My hubby on the red carpet.  Well, it was a green carpet but same thing.
A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be able to go to Hollywood for the L.A. premier of The Aftermath, a movie he was in.  It was a wonderful experience.  The movie had a great turnout and got great reviews.  Right now, it is just doing the rounds of movie festivals.  There were several celebrities there.  What was even more amazing was that some of them recognized my hubby, and told him he did a great job.  My husband got to walk the red carpet before the movie, and we went to the after party.  It was such a surreal experience.  It was a night that we will never forget, and hopefully, there will be many more like them in the future.

Me & my hubby at the premier.
I'm going to try to start posting more again but I can't make any guarantees at this point.  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things.  I really miss working on my blogs. 

Here are a few more pictures from the premier:

Yep that is Kate Walsh with my hubby.

My son was in heaven.

And yes my hubby is practically on his knees.

True Blood, anyone?

How about Mad Men?

My beautiful daughter with Sam Trammel.

My other beautiful daughter with Sam Trammel.

Another True Blood pic

My hubby with the stars of the show Sam Trammel & Missy Yeager.  A wonderful couple.  We had a great time spending time with them.
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