Wednesday, August 27, 2014

God Bless the Truth - Two original plays by Yvette Tyler:

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What: Two original plays by Yvette Tyler:
When: Friday, Sept 5, 7:30pm "God Bless The Truth"
Saturday, Sept 6, 7:30pm, & Sunday, Sept 7, 2:00 "A Horse Named Baroose"

Join us at Cites des Arts for “God Bless the Truth” written and directed by Yvette Tyler and performed by Staying Humble Productions. This enthralling drama is based on a true to life situation where greed, covetousness, and arrogance over takes a family member. Meet Jay Wilson, Sr. a humble man who works hard to provide a home filled with love, security, faith , and God. His family respects him and loves him. But , Jay is not satisfied with his current situation and turns his back away from the Lord and his family. Watch as Jay competes for the things of this world. Our actors will act and sing into your hearts. You will laugh, cry, and maybe reflect upon your own life. An added twist will come at the end of the show: The audience will become cast members before the curtain closes. One night performance, Friday September 5@ 7:00 pm.

Join us at Cites des Arts for “A Horse Named Barousse” written by Yvette Tyler and performed by Staying Humble Productions. This Comedy/ Character Development play is a must see for kids preparing for a new school year. This play teaches kids the Six Pillars of Character and encourages everyone to be excellent citizens. The director has developed two characters Barousse , a talking spotted horse , and Bing Bong , a visually impaired boy to tell a story of two unlikely characters who come together and develop a friendship. This relationship thrives regardless of their difference or disabilities. Kids will hear wonderful songs produced and written by Yvette Tyler and Lil Runt ( a local musician in the area). The two have collaborated to give back to the community. Staying Humble Acting Camp students will perform during this show. Please bring your child for a wonderful experience. Two great shows Saturday, September 6 @ pm. And Sunday , September 7@ 2pm.

Tickets are $10.00, call 337-291-1122 for Reservations, or buy online

Image Credit: Cite des Arts


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