Sunday, August 25, 2013

Calling All Book Reviewers

If you're a book reviewer or a blogger who loves to read, Beck Valley Books is currently looking for more reviewers for their book tours online.


I'm one of their reviewers myself.  Sharon runs Beck Valley Books and the book tours.  She is great.  I've been working with her for quite awhile, and I've loved every minute of it.  She is so easy to work with, and you always have plenty of time to do your review between the time you get the book and when reviews are done. 

Sharon is my favorite person to work with on Book Tours.  If you have any questions or have a problem, she is always there to help out.  She works very hard, and gives you everything you need for the reviews.  Truly all you need to do is read the books, copy the html, and add your review to the post.  Very easy.

Also, we have a great Facebook group.  Everyone is helpful and friendly.  We haven't had any blogger drama, which is always nice. 

So how does it work?

You select which book tours you would like to take part in, then choose your tour date from the list provided and the book is sent to you!

The blog post HTML is sent to you before the tour begins and you simply add your review to it.  Post your blog post on your chosen date, share it and send over your links.  They will also promote your blog post for you over social media.

At the end of the tour they nearly always have a giveaway, which 2 of your social media links are included on the raffle copter,  the giveaway post HTML for your blog is sent to you to promote on your blog and social media when it's starts.


What's more your getting a chance to read some great books, helping up and coming authors as well as gaining extra exposure on your blog.

So if  you love to read, love to share your reading thoughts and can you be relied upon they need you !!

I highly, highly recommend working with Beck Valley Books if you want to be a part of any book tours.  She is my first choice. 

To start reviewing some great books sign up HERE


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