Friday, August 30, 2013

Free Subscription to Bass Player

You can get a free subscription to Bass Player.  This is from Free Biz Mag.  It is completely free, and there are no automatic renewals.  

I've gotten several magazines from them, and I've never a paid a penny for any of them.

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Lucky Phoo Spotlight & Giveaway

Lucky Phoo
by: Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon

Genre: Children’s Mid Grade
Publisher: Imajin Books
Date of Publication: August 1, 2013

Number of pages: 109
Word Count: 43,000

Cover Artist: Ryan Doan


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Halo Effect by Shauna Allen

The Halo Effect
The Cupid Chronicles
Book Two
Shauna Allen

Genre:  Light Paranormal

Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing

ISBN:  13:978-1-61935-232-2

Number of pages:  346
Word Count: 94K

Cover Artist:  Rae Monet

Book Trailer for the first book in the series, Inked by an Angel:

2 Free Issues of Ladies Home Journal

You can get 2 free issues of Ladies Home JournalThis is from Value Mags.  It is completely free, and there are no automatic renewals.  

I have gotten several magazines from Value Mags, and I've never paid a penny.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Subscription to Field & Stream

You can get a free subscription to Field & Stream.  This is from Value Mags.  It is completely free, and there are no automatic renewals.  

I have gotten several magazines from Value Mags, and I've never paid a penny.

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The Handfasting Book Review

Ten years had passed since they had joined hands in the ruins of the old abbey church. Standing before the high altar, they were handfasted in the Celtic custom, engaged to be married.

A rose bush had bloomed beside the ruined altar. Stephen had reached out to caress one of the flowers.

“I’ll find you,” he had said. “In ten years, when we have finished school, when we are able to marry, I’ll find you. Until then, whenever you see a yellow rose, remember me. Remember I love you.”

His Haven Spotlight & Giveaway

His Haven
The Redemption Series: Book One
Harper A. Brooks

Genre: Paranormal/Historical Romance

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

ISBN: 9781618858139

Number of pages: 169 pages
Word Count: Over 53,000 words

Word Count: 53,000 words

Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique

Monday, August 26, 2013

How He Really Feels Spotlight & Giveaway

How He Really Feels
He Feels Trilogy
Book One
Lisa Suzanne

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN-10: 1489523863
ISBN-13: 978-1489523860

Number of pages: 318
Word Count: 91,598

Cover Artist:

The Pact Cosmic Blast & Giveaway

The Pact

Enter the world of Will Lesterall, a boy who’s grown up in the safety of his father’s castle.

Tales of the outside world ruled by warring kings and creatures of nightmare have never seemed a threat, yet on the night celebrating the two hundredth year of the sacred Pact that has kept Fort Lesterall safe, a secret intrigue ripens, and in the course of a few hours Will is confronted with a choice greater than he can comprehend.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Once Upon a Wallflower by Wendy Watson

Once Upon A Wallflower
Wendy Watson

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Date of Publication: 8-12-13

ISBN: 978-1-62266-235-7

Number of pages: 178

Book Description:

A Perennial Wallflower…

When Mira Fitzhenry’s guardian arranges her engagement to one of the most scandalous lords to ever grace the peerage, all of society is abuzz. After all, the man has left a trio of dead young women in his wake, including his first fiancée. But Mira doesn’t see a killer in Nicholas’s moonlight eyes, and she resolves to find the real murderer before the wedding.

Calling All Book Reviewers

If you're a book reviewer or a blogger who loves to read, Beck Valley Books is currently looking for more reviewers for their book tours online.


I'm one of their reviewers myself.  Sharon runs Beck Valley Books and the book tours.  She is great.  I've been working with her for quite awhile, and I've loved every minute of it.  She is so easy to work with, and you always have plenty of time to do your review between the time you get the book and when reviews are done. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watch Me Walk Away Excerpt, Interview, & Giveaway

Amazon Buy Link


At the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left. He was suppose to be her first. First Love. First Time. First Everything. No word for six long years. She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad. She struggled to rebuild her life.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stonewiser Kindle Free Book Blitz

 As most of you know, I love to read and I have pretty eclectic taste.  What I love even more is when I can get some great books for free.  So, I can't wait to get this series for free on Amazon.  For the first time ever, Dora Machado's entire Stonewiser series is available in a free Kindle Giveaway, including the complete award-winning trilogy, Stonewiser: the Heart of the Stone, Stonewiser: The Call of the Stone and Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone.  These will be available for free from Saturday August 31 to September 2 and then again September 6 and 7th.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keurig Brew Over Ice Review & Giveaway - #LoveBrewOverIce

Brew Over Ice
When I found I was going to be able to do a Brew Over Ice Review & Giveaway, I was so excited.  We love our Keurig!!  Believe me, it gets loads of use, and not only for coffee.  We use it for coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and now iced tea.

A Little Bit Scandalous Spotlight & Giveaway

A Little Bit Scandalous
Forbidden Love Series Book Three
Robyn DeHart
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Date of Publication: 8-12-13
ISBN:  978-1-62266-229-6
Number of pages:  212

Destructive Silence Spotlight & Giveaway


If you never speak of the past, can it be erased?

Lacey Edwards has a past.

A past which changed her life forever.

A past she is desperate to forget.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Karina Year of You Giveaway (Worth $2000)

How would you like to own your very own Karina dresses wardrobe? This year, we're celebrating the YearOfYou™. What have you done to reward yourself lately? Whirlwind of Surprises is celebrating by hosting a massive giveaway that includes $2000 worth of Karina Dresses of your choice. Karina Dresses offer unique limited edition patterns, machine washable, easy-wear, easy-care dresses that fit women of all shapes and sizes. They make fashion easy and comfortable. Each dress is made with love in Brooklyn, New York.

Serenity Falls Cover Reveal & Giveaway


Kenleigh Briggs suffered debilitating depression at the age of twelve after losing both parents in a tragic house fire. Her aunt assumed guardianship and forced Kenleigh to learn how to horseback ride. She soon developed a bond with the horses that helped her work out her depression.

Excerpt from Stained by Elizabeth Marx

“Is that why you were living in the same city as me and you never came to see me?” I asked a little bit more accusatorially than I meant to. “Why didn’t Mandy call me or come to see me?”

Monday, August 19, 2013

Operation Earth by Maria Hammarblad

Operation Earth
Maria Hammarblad

Genre: SciFi

Release date: August 11, 2013

Seven billion people on Earth go about their daily lives, and no one is prepared when a global EMP slows the world to a crawl. With all our technology incapacitated, everything changes. Within days alien soldiers line the streets, and life will never be the same. Rachael struggles to adapt to the new order, doing her best to keep herself and her cat alive.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Excerpt from Enthrall by Vanessa Fewings

The following is an excerpt from Enthrall by Vanessa Fewings.  Please be aware that this is a book for adults and contains adult situation, similar in some aspects to Shades of Gray.  Do not read the following if these type of situations offend you. 
“Let’s check it out,” said Cameron.
            “I’m not allowed.” I raised my hand to let him know I had no intention of going anywhere near there.
            “Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, calling the lift. “You’re with me.”
            The doors parted and we stared into an open elevator.
            Cameron strolled on in and gestured for me to join him. “It’s safer. I don’t want to leave you up here alone.”
            “What do you mean?”
            “If someone did break in they may be up here now.”

The Inheritance Series Cover Reveal

The Inheritance Series
Books 1-6
By: Olivia Mayfield

Blurb (Book One)
Maggie Willings knew that returning home for her estranged grandfather’s funeral would not be easy, but she never expected the reading of his will to be the most difficult part. The four people named in the will—Maggie, her brother Robert, her ex-boyfriend Andrew, and her grandfather’s far-too-young girlfriend Bethany—are given a challenge: find out the truth about what happened to Maggie’s younger sister Cassandra, who vanished over eight years ago, and win the entirety of the estate.

Maggie is thrown by the strange request, reluctant to drag up painful memories of her sister’s disappearance, and bothered by her lingering attraction to Andrew, who wants to team up to solve the mystery. But there are ten million dollars on the line and Maggie has no idea where to start—or who she’ll be able to trust.

Buy Links

Author Info
Olivia Mayfield has been an unabashed fan of romance since she was a young teen, secretly devouring her mom’s Harlequins. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, as well as a Master’s degree in English, and lives with her family in Ohio. In her free time, she loves reading, shopping, wearing absurdly high-heeled boots, cheesecake, singing karaoke, and harassing her friends.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Pirate's Curse By M.L. Guida

A Pirate’s Curse
Legends of the Soaring Phoenix
Book One
M.L. Guida

Genre: Historical paranormal romance

Publisher: Buffalo Mountain Press
Date of Publication:  June 30, 2013

ISBN:  978-1490592992 (print)

Number of pages: 326

Cover Artist: Kim Killion, Hot Damn Designs

Book Description:

Like a dark angel, Captain Kane O'Brien rescues Hannah Knight and her father from drowning after vampire pirates murder their crew and sink their ship. Struggling to control and hide her telekinetic powers, Hannah discovers the honorable and bold captain possesses his own secrets.

Every full moon, Kane turns into a vampire. Finding out Hannah not to be the cabin boy she resembles, but a beautiful, luscious woman, tempts all his appetites. Desperate to be free of his curse, Kane considers handing Hannah over to a demon. But after Hannah uses her power to save his ship from his immortal enemy, Kane can no longer deny his attraction and vows to protect Hannah with his life.

To find true love, they must combine their powers to defeat evil vampires, thwart Hannah's misogynist fiancé and escape a crafty demon.


Lightning crashed outside. Hannah trembled and her fingers clutched someone’s wet shirt, but ’twasn’t hers. Rain pelted against a window or was it against the walls. The beating of a heart matched the rain. Was the heartbeat hers or someone else’s? Her brain refused to unravel the situation.
“Easy lass.” She liked the roll of the male voice rich with an Irish timbre and snuggled deeper into a wet chest.
He laid her gently down on a soft mattress. “You foolish lass,” he whispered, his spicy breath washing over her, as he brushed her hair out of her face.
The captain? Kane, yes that’s right. He had picked her up. His face came in clearer. His wet hair dripped down onto his soaked shirt. His damp eyelashes outlined his emerald eyes, the same eyes studying her with concern. Why was he concerned? She wanted to say something, but couldn’t form the words and a moan escaped her.
“Blimey,” he uttered.
“Have I done something wrong?”
His handsome face turned grim. She blinked, struggled to rouse herself, and shook her head, but the dull ache refused to allow her to focus on anything but Kane’s stormy eyes. 
His soft fingers, brushing hair away from her eyes, sent shivers down her. “What were you doing out there? One angry wave could have carried you out to sea where only Poseidon himself could find you.”
Kane's words were more like an endearment than a scolding. Pain gripped her and her jumbled thoughts and blurry vision played havoc with her senses.
’Twas a sin, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his tempting lines. His mouth was angular, firm. What would it feel like to kiss him? She had never been kissed. How strange if a pirate was the first man to kiss her. Why was she thinking about kissing?
Inappropriate. Completely inappropriate.
“You’re wet,” he murmured. He wrapped his arm, around her, pulling her to a sitting position, steadying her on the bed. She put her hand on her forehead, her other hand resting against his chest. His white shirt was so creamy against his tanned skin that she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and licked him.
He sucked in his breath. “What are you doing lass?” His accent heavy and strained.
“I wanted to see if you tasted like cream.”
“Jaaysus, do I?”
“No, you taste like wet pirate.” 
He pushed her back. Nimble fingers undid her shirt. “What are you doing?”
“You’re shivering,” he murmured. “We have to get you in dry clothing.” He gently slipped her arms out of the sleeves.
Damp air gripped her and her teeth chattered. Cold sweat broke out around her. How could she be cold when sweat ran down her body as if she were out on deck in the hot sun?
She opened her eyes or at least one did. Her right eye throbbed and remained shut. Why couldn’t she open it? She grabbed his hand. “No.” He shook off her limp hand.
 “Hmmm, you’re wet, too.”
The mattress was surprisingly soft against her back and he was so handsome. Her naughty arms longed to reach up around his neck and pull him down on top of her where she could indulge in exploring his sinful lips. A shocked giggle escaped her mouth.
He scowled. “Are you laughing at me?”
She shook her head, suppressing a grin. “Not at all.”
His tanned, leaned fingers went to the buttons at her untied the laces of his tunic she wore.
She froze. “What are you doing?”
“Don't worry, lassie, you're treasures are safe from me.”
Her mind refused to answer. Kane jerked off her boots and undid her breeches. Was he going to rape her?
She tried to scream but her words caught in her throat. Mother of God, she was naked.
She swayed on the bed and tried to summon her anger or her power, but all she could feel was the splitting pain in her head. Closing her eyes, she whispered, “I can’t think. Pain keeps clouding my thoughts.”
Kane ran gentle exploring fingers through her hair and she sighed.
His soft touch dulled the pain and she leaned into his hand. “That feels so good.”
His finger ran over the back of her skull and a sharp pain stabbed her head. She winced. “Ow.”
“You’ve got a nasty bump on the back of your head, lass.” He parted her hair, sending chills through her. “’Tis not bleeding. A good sign, but your thunderin’ head won’t thank you in the morning.”
“I like your fingers playing with my hair.”                                                                            
His fingers slid across her head and glided through her damp strands. “You do?”
“Your hands are gentle. Soft.”
She clasped his hand, caressing it with her thumb. The roughness spoke of his days in the sun, but he wasn’t always rough.  She brought his hand to her cheek, nestling against him. “Maybe not soft, but you’re gentle with them. I like the feel of your hands on my skin.”
“Lassie,” he said. “You’re testing my limits.” 

About the Author:

M.L. Guida lives in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. She loves to take her cocker spaniel, Sadie, for walks on the trails behind her house. The preternatural has always interested M.L. and even as young girl, she'd read Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Young Investigators. Her favorite book in his series was the Mystery of the Green Ghost. It was a big hit in the third grade.

Today, she continues to love the paranormal and one of her favorite shows is Supernatural. Yes, she's a Sam and Dean Winchester fan. Her favorite monster is a vampire. Bram Stoker and Ann Rice got her hooked. Who wouldn't love a sexy man biting you on the neck?

M.L. Guida just finished obtaining her Master of Arts in Creative Writing and now currently, has two masters. The other is a Master of Social Work.

She currently is writing for Passion in Print with her Angels of Death series and has a contract with Lyrical Press and will be releasing a new paranormal novella in March 2014. She is currently working on her new Legends of the Soaring Phoenix and plans to release the first novel in the summer of 2013.

She is a member of Colorado Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America.